Thursday, May 4, 2006

The Fine Day After Rain

The stupid me was actaully waiting for an accident, any form on accident to happen on me. I told myself, is accident happens once, it is just an accident. If accident happen twices, I call it coincidence. But if i happens three times in a row, then it is just my luck; bad luck. Somehow I was waiting for it to happen, then I'll know what it actaully is. Now i know, they are just so happen to be coincident. Phew. Nothing happened. And that is what i wished for. I guess the suay luck has left me.

Yes!! I'm the normal me again. ;) Thank you everyone for your concern. ;)

But but but... I don't think i can blog as often as usual anymore for the time being. It is time for me to stay with my notes and books instead of the computer and internet. I need to start my revision right away. My finals are gong to start very soon; less than a week's time and I have not gone through all my notes. I don't know what exactly is Media Economics and I bet it is going to come out on the papers. Pray for me please. Pray that I can manage to read and understand them before the coming Wednesday is here.

Just three days of examination and I'll be having a one-month holiday. Yipee!!!! And I guess that is when I can attend for my driving classes. Oh no. I'm afraid that I'll be afraid of the car due to the accidents happened. *_*


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