Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Sexy Baby

Awww. My cousins are back from Singapore. I miss them alot. They looked different now. Ivan is darker now compared to before and Meimei looks prettier already. Hahaha. They were so excited and happy when they were telling me their stories in Singapore. They told me how much fun they had taking MRT, double decker buses and how much they enjoyed visitng the zoo there.

Besides that, they were also very busy showing me the toys they bought there. Meimei showed me her new bikini my aunt bought for her.

Cute isnt she? Or i mean sexxxxxxxxxxxy. Hehe haha. I like her bikini lor. I love the colour combination of it. When i was trying to help her in the bikini, I had trouble wearing the top for her. I could not find her boobs. Lol. The clothe was running here and there as her body was round you know. I sounded mean but true. Hahaha. Anyway, i think she's a potential model! She's a good poser and she's really very photogenic. Hehe. ;)

While Ivan isn't that photogenic. Hahaha. Too bad. ;p

To Elaine; I've received your stuffs. Thanks alot!!! ;) But but but.. I don't know what to do to them. *_*


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