Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Power of Ribbons

I had a black, plain, dull, cheap and smelly pair of shoe. It was actually a school shoe. You might not wear it outside the school and might not even like it. But I had an urge to buy it when I see the shoe. At first, a bought a white one. I want to design the shoe and make it MY shoe but I failed. I have no idea on how to modify it.

This black one was given by Elaine. Yes. From what I know it is only available in Singapore. I have never seen this shoe anywhere in Malaysia. It is only $D4.50. Once I got the shoe, my mind went blank. What should I do with it? Hmmmn. Until I heard my grandma said,

"Ehh you know your cousin made it into some ballet shoes.."

Uuh. Once i heard that, I had a rough idea to modify my shoe. I added ribbons on it. Sorry if i copy your idea, Elaine but I think it is nice too! ;)

Better than before right? Hehe. I liked the modified one. The ribbon on it really made the differences. Hahahaha. Its like how the ribbon made Mickey and Minnie different. ;p

And how, the white one. Lack of ideas. Anyone has any goooooooooood suggestion on the next D.I.Y shoe?


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Anonymous MEL:Dsaid... (April 10, 2009 7:58 PM) : check it out you can paint them to make them nice :D (you may alrdy know it by now but im reading your archives currently cos i like ur posts!)
im from singapore by the way:D


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