Monday, May 1, 2006

It is just not my day

What could be worse than this? Like said, sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. Everything not good just rushed towards me today. My air conditioner went out of order again this morning at six that made me sleep under the fan. Oh dear. I could not sleep without air conditioner. I will just roll on the bed the whole night or day.

Then, I realised my phone was not workinghelp m well too. The battery is kinda faulty. No matter how much I charged the phone, the battery will still always go flat very quickly. This is not that bad until i realised that the computer is not working too!!! Oh my shit. Yes yes yes, I'm blogging with my old laptop with only 1515 connection now. The computer that I normally used cannot work as the Windows could not be loaded. Babi. And what's wrong with this laptop? It takes me forever to load anything at all. Sigh.

All these are not as bad as the news I received this afternoon. A friend of mine who was kind enough to send me to my campus every Monday to Wednesday is now not able to continue the car-pool. Shit. How am I suppose to go to my campus now? Useless me that I could not drive by myself. I can blame no one else but myself lor. Shit shit shit. What am I supposed to do nooooooooooooooooooooooooooow?

Oh shit oh shit. There's nothing else on my mind but all these shits. Can anyone help me? Pass me your helping hands leh..... My tears are bursting out already. I need help!!! ;(

Not forgetting that this awful day is still my blog's one year old birthday. Well, to be more specified, this is my third blog. I started to blog when I was 15 in blogdrive. I then shifted to another page two years later and now, on this blog. If you have been to my old blogs, they are much more childish entries compares to this current blog. Hahahahaha. I feel silly when i re-read my old blogs sometimes when I have nothing better to do. Sigh. Lucky there is still something that can neutralize my mood. But afterall, I'm still sad. Babi.

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