Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Random Post

01. I found a job!!! I just went to a kindergarten in Pandan Perdana, the I-kids, to ask whether if they need assistant teacher. And I've got the job now! I did not expected to get a job so quickly, honestly. ;p Am going to start my work next month on the new semester when every kids are back to school for only a month. The principal needs a mandarin teacher actaully and asked me whether if I can take the position temporary. Hahahaha. I guess kids' mandarin would not bring me much trouble. ;p Muahahahahahaha.

02. And and and, driving lessons for me starts tomorrow! Finally after a year, almost! Muahahahahaha.

03. This post is really gonna be very very random. I just wanna say that, Tammie my little cousin sister cut her own hair!!!! No one realised it until i found her hair very messy. So, i took the comb and brushed her hair and I was totally shocked when I see her a big bunch of hair on the comb and on my hair. It was like some stupid scene you can only see it on the TV screen when the people inside found out that they had cancer. Seriously!!! The more i comb the more hair fell off. Very very very scary. She got scolded after the incident and felt very sorry. That's what i saw from her face lar.. Hahaha.

04. Then my grandma reminded me of a similar incident when i was around her age too. I was playing with a round comb. Erm, round as in it is a 360 degree comb? Stupid me. I don't know what it is exactly called. And remember that my hair is naturally curly. I rolled and rolled my hair with the comb and it was stucked. Sounds great right? There was no way we could solve the problem by not cutting my hair. Sigh. And the worse was, there was not even a pair of siccors around to cut my hair! And guess what! My grandparents used a SAW to saw my hair off! Oh my shit. Sounds so so so horrible right? Hahahahaha..

05. I have some pictures to share too! Pictures taken today @ Vvens' studio. ;p


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