Saturday, July 22, 2006

Accident Is Everywhere

Everyday if you flip the newspaper, you will surely come across to news of death and injuries due to car accidents in KL. Not 1 or 2 cases but you'll find it MORE than that just because some are not very serious to be reported.

Let's not talk about newspapers, I believe you can also find cases of car accidents around YOU. Like me, I see accidents ALMOST EVERYDAY. Sometimes I see folded cars, rotten cars and even death bodies. Just yesterday I saw 2 youngsters bang on each other's car and caused jam. And the day before yesterday, a minor accident heard from my senior. And on the day I was back to KL from Singapore, I saw two cases on the way. One was very serious that the car dropped into the giant drain and another huge vehicle knocked the hills. Very ridiculous right? But true. That's what made me afraid of driving too.

I really don't understand how people of KL drive. I also have to admit that KL is almost flooded with cars and unpatient people. Sigh.

And it was yesterday when I started to receive SMSes about a car accident that involves a junior of mine in SSG. He was knocked down by a car while he was crossing the road and is know fighting for his life. I really pity him although I dont know who is he. The poor little boy is now lying on the bed of the hospital fighting to stay alive. He's in a coma now. From what I heard, he is badly injured and its a miracle he is still alive.

Oh my. I will pray for him as well. He is too young to leave. I bet his families dried out their eyes. ;( Even a friend of mine who was very very close to him cried every day. She even took took the effort to spend her time after school to the hospital to keep him accompany. ;(

I really dont understand how human drive now. Can drive properly or not?


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