Friday, July 14, 2006

Hello From Singapore

Yes, I really did the exchange of 8 hours' car journey with an one day plus trip in Singapooore! And the sales is still here!! YAY! I think 24 hours is enough for me to turn broke after shoppings. ;p

Lucky I brought my salary here in case I "need" them. Muahahahahahaha. But let's see; because I HATE TO DO SHOPPING ALONE! Oh dear, yes! Elaine, my cousin will not be entertaining me for these few days as well as my mum I guess. Great. I should have dragged a girlfriend here with me.

BUGIS! ORCHARD! Here I come tomorrow!! Please, save the S-sizes for me!!

p/s : I've got a vacancy here as a promoter @ Sunway Lagoon for a temporary tattoo stall. Working time; 11am-6pm weekday, weekend 10am -6pm, 6 days week, Tuesdays off. The pay? Basic 700, +1.5% commision (include lunch). So it would be around 1K per month. If you're interested. Tell me as soon as possible! ;)


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Anonymous tursedosaid... (February 03, 2008 11:52 PM) : 

hic! Im a stranger from Vietnam but I love your trip so much!!!and... you are so cute too :p

Im gonna be there sometimes coz I have some friends there already!

it's gonna be a big happy surprise if I receive your reply to my email:

thanks and bb


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