Wednesday, July 5, 2006

High School Chicks

If you have been noticing the happenings around, or even bothered to flip through the newspapers, you'll definitely come across this BIG issue recently going on in Malaysia. Okay, if you have totally no idea on what am I going to talk about, it is the issue that high school girls from St Joe High School in Miri has brought up an issue about fights and bullies in high schools.

Their fight, hair pulling and cursings plus everything stuffs have been recorded by some other students and also exposed to almost every citizen of Malaysia by uploading it online. Here is it if you want to waste your 7 minutes to watch that. And the caption of the video posted is "Stop school bullying! Allow phones and cameras to be brought to schools." Stupid? Yes I call that stupid. If you think bullying should be stopped why record it? Call your teacher lar dong!

Wanna know about the content? I would talk about it here briefly if you can't understand their lousy mandarin. I think, the girl in PE attires has reported about their bad attitudes, what have they done to her to the teachers. And so, they received punishment and were not very happy about it and wanted to have her to release their anger by calling it a settlement for that day. Hahaha Funny. The whole objective of the girl in green if to ask whether did she betrayed them in the first place. Then, the fat girl in pinaform just added in for no reasons that I can see. An then, a Malay girl if I'm not mistaken.

They asked her rudely, "Did you say or not! I'm talking to you. Why aren't you answering." When the girl in white kept quite, they whacked her. And when she said NO, they asked her to pull off her pants to proved that she's innocent. No sense right? You are exactly not asking for the answer by trying to show your "power"? They even asked her to kneel down to them. Eat shit lar, who do you think you are? If you noticed, they were some guys talking but not helping out in the first place. The camera man was worse. He even give comments about the length of the video. Hey, you thought you're filming a movie is it? There is even an idiot posing her la-la peace sign in the middle of the fight showing her satisfation for that. Frankly, you're ugly.

What are they actually thinking? I don't think involving in a fight is such a big deal that but I think by uploading it for the public to actaully download and watch it for their own pleasure is a very childish thing to do. What are their objectives? To show off or to seek for attention?

The first thing that I don't understand is that, WHY DO YOU EVEN WANT TO BULLY A GIRL WHEN YOU ARE IN A GANG? Actaully I won't call this a fight because they one who picks on the other girl are actaully have no courage to handle the thing on her own. Why do you need to call up your gang if you are that powerful huh!? Is it that you are damn afraid that you'll lose so you called for your backups?

I'm glad that the girls are now kicked out from the school and has no rights to go to schools until the Minister of Educations nods his head. Serve you right, right? You should have expected something like this? Want to be popular mar. Want to be the leader of all? Now you are.

Another case which is more serious took place in Singapore. Something similar also but this time I pity the victim. The bullies actaully whacked her like nobody's business when she has no chances of escape. As if she was not a human. She was dragged here and there and was being stripped infront of the camera. The girls are crazy. Totally out of their mind. I really don't know what is on their mind during that time. Do you think it is actaully fun doing so? Maybe yes lar, they stupid one mar. They never thought of the consequences. NO. They never thought of the victims feeling. They should be even jailed!

Sorry if YOU who read this is somehow related to them. This is posted based on my own opinions and how I feel towards this issue. I think that, all the bullies should be given a tough lesson and people who are always being picked and bullied should sound out. Don't give them the chance to act like the boss. Don't give in. Don't call for your gang because it will be worse but report about the whole thing. Make it like a drama, create another fight and set them into it! Hahahahahahaha. ;) Bring a professional camera man this time.

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