Monday, July 10, 2006

Wish Making Post

I've just made a skin; after so long. I love to design things but they are never nice. I'm not artistic enough but I just enjoy doing it because I have nothing better to do. You can't stop me. ;9 Kindly click HERE to view my skin. Hahahaha. I'm making Tammie famous. ;)


Ooh?EVERYTHING DIED; almost every electronic stuff at home died. The air conditioner in my room and my brother's room died. My laptop died. Lucky my brother's computer is working fine. ;) Both the frigdes died. My light in my room isn't working as well. Even the rice cooker can't be used anymore. Great! The vcd player died. What else? Not enough? Everything is dying soon. Oh yeah, my mum's car too.

This is no good. My house is not like a house anymore? Okay, if I were to make a wish now, I want to have a house with complete furnitures and electronics accessories; a new house preferably. My house is in a mess now. We chuck everything everywhere. Haha.

Hopefully my wish can come true lar. I don't want to actaully stay in an environment like this.

Anyway, tomorrow will be my last day working at I-Kids Kindergarten & Day-care. I have mixed feelings about it. I feel happy yet I feel sad. Why am I happy? Because I can go back to college and need not scream and shout at the naughty stubborn kids anymore. But sometimes they are just too cute. I like them a lot that I actaully don't mind spending more time with them if they listen to me. I love kids. You know, I have a very strong motherly love. HAHA.

Cut this out. And I might be going to Singapore this weekend before my college starts! WHEE-HA. If only it can be a longer trip. But whatever, as long as I can do sometime unlike my daily routine now, I don't mind spending 8 hours in the car just to spend another approximately 35 hours in Singapore.

This is just a might but the possibility is very high. ;)

Please please please, make my dreams come true. Hahaha.

Very random post right? Am trying to rant out small little things that I want to share it here. *Thinks hardly* Yeah!!! I had a trial driving exam last Sunday and I passed! I'm proud of myself because I thought I would never pass unless I bribe them. And my instructor actaully said I had a great improvement and will definitely get my P license if I do well like this time on the coming real exam. Hehehehehe.

I want the license okay? Then I'll not bring anymore trouble to the others like I usual do. ;p Include this wish as well. ;)



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