Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When We Had Nothing Better To Do...

If you ever wondered what will I do normally when I'm bored. This post will answer to your curiosity.......... We'll cam-whore like nobody's business!! MUAHAHAHA.

#01 The silly - Carmen.

#02 The blurry - Cindy.

#03 The cheeky - Vivien

............And when three of us meet, we are the 3 big sillies!!!!

Big mirror rocks!

Fooling around with the shades. Whose shade is nicer?

Showing their yoga's skills

Seeing her future in the magic ball

a normal look

posers wannabe!

Great! We really enjoyed our time and life isnt dull anymore! HAHA. And no! That's not all! Click HERE to view more of us.


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