Monday, July 3, 2006

5 Seconds Body Checkup

I visited a Qi Gong master with my mum yesterday. The master was so, was so, was so... powerful?? He was like great? Superb? I think he has super natural powers; a type of power that allows him to know every single sickness someone is having without him touching that person.

He looked at him, standing sitll 1 metre away from me asking the rest to move aside. I dont know where he looked that told him I've weak kidney (instead of heart). He said I took too much sweet stuffs that weakens my kidney. At the same time, it effects my left leg.

Quite true. The kidney, on my left always feel erm, weird, uneasy while my left leg gets numb very easily. It has not much strength. ;( The last thing he said was NO MORE WATERMELON, BANANA and DURIAN for me. Or was it LESS? And no, he did not mention anything about chocolate. ;) Oopsi. Maybe i took to much of brown sugar.


Anyway, problems has occured in my msn account. Not the msn itself but only my account. I don't know why. At first, I can't change the display picture and now, I cant even put a picture on it. It says the pictures doesnt work to be display pictures. Anyone knows what happened and how to work on it?


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