Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back To College

Good bye to my 2 months holiday.

I have a mixed feeling now. I miss those days when I used to spend a few hours with little childrens every day. When i get to take a long nap after work when it was still early. When I don't have problems or pressure about studies. BUT. There's a but; but I don't like the feeling of seeing no friend around. I don't like the feeling of staying at home and having no freedom at all. I don't like to scream and whack naughty kids everyday that might causes high blood pressure.

I love going to college, meeting my collegemates, crapping around the mamak stalls, wear clothes that I can't wear in the place I worked and learn new things everyday. But I cannot deny that I also did learn new things when I was working, hate to take public transport when it comes to transportation to and back college and hate to see my mum looking furios about the bloody increasement of the fees.

All I want is a license and possbile, a car to drive my brother and I to school without bothering my mum early in the morning. And also no problems of managing the tuition fee cum my allowance. Then, everything will be fine. I love studying. I really love to.

And oh stupid me just realised that I'm the only one who registered for 6 subjects for the new semester while everyone else took only 5. Hahahaha. Too smart or too stupid? Haha. Lucky I'm still able to drop it because I haven't pay for the fees yet.

And because of this long holiday, there were some changes on my course's schedule now. Supposed to have 7 semesters and now, by cutting more of the coming holidays, we have 4 semesters left that sums up to 6 semesters in total! And and and, its next year that I'm going to choose my major subject! Wow. Can't wait for it already.

Speaking of college, I was so excited when I met my old-friends today! Almost ALL of them had new hairstyle! This is so cool. Hahaha. And MOST of them said I've lost weight again. NO OKAY. Maybe its the clothes I wore today. Petite size. I din't okay. OKAY.


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