Friday, April 28, 2006

Perfumed hair

I feel good when i receive compliments regarding my hair. I like to hear people saying...

"Vivien, nice curls!"

"Nice colour....." (but it faded)

"Hey, where did you made your curls?"

And the most recent one would be, "Eh Vivien, you hair smells good." ;)

I know my curls are nice. ;p I love it too. But i could not smell my hair. I don't know. Whenever someone tells me it smells good I would smell my hair instantly and I smell nothing. Maybe it is because that I'm used to it? Some people even asked me if I put on perfume. Some said that the scent follows me everywhere I go. And sometimes iIvery awkward when the guys in my class said it smells good. I thought they were crazy or what in the begining. LOL.

So i was thinking what wad the reason that cause the scent on my hair. It could not be my natural scent. LOL. It might be some products I used on my hair. During bath, I used product number4 shown on the picture above. Its a shampoo which is suitable for all kinds of hair. Then followed my the usage of product number3; the conditioner. After my bath, i would rinse my hair once with the towel and then spray product number1 on my wet hair. It is to help my hair stay curl and bright. Lastly, if I'm going out for a date or college, I would apple mousse, product number2 which it very important for a stylish and volumised hair. ;p All of them are products of Amway except the curl-defining spray which is from Loreal.

I wonder and wonder, what actually made the scent on my hair smells nice as all the them smells good to me. I guess it would be the mousse. Because it is the last thing i apply on my hair everyday and it might be the one covering up the rest. Teehee. Thanks moouse. ;)

Anyone wanna get them? They are all below rm30 for each product. ;p And yes, I'm helping my mum to promote her company's stuffs if you ever realise. Amway!!!!! ;)

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