Sunday, April 16, 2006

Poor Little Ivan

He never knew that this would actaully happen on him. It was a rainy day that day when the incident happened on him. When there was no adults with him, Ivan him, alone, was playing with his toys in the dining room. At the same time, his little sister were sleeping soundly in the room. Sleeping so soundly due to the raining weather that contributes to good sleeps.

Seeing the rain coming in the house; plus it was darn windy that day, he decided to act like an adult by closing the heavy wooden door to stop the rain coming in. He looked at his surrounding, no adults and it was his time to do some good deed for the family that he usually doesn't. Although he is a very naughty and playful kid, but he actaully know what should he do when he's alone.

He pushed the door slowly towards the lock. Causing him wet due to the rain. This is the moment when the accident happened; a week ago. The strong wind actaully helped him to push the door cum hurt his fingers. Poor little Ivan who is even lighter than his sister could not fight the wind. His fingers were trapped in between the door and the wall, or whatever it is called. He was voiceless to cry for help. It was so painful that the tears were dripping down silently. He could not do anything other than waiting for someone to open the door; to release his fingers.

The slamming produced a loud noise that alerts the adults. They rushed to him and saw the poor little boy crying there. Sobs. And see what actaully happened to his tiny fingers.

I know it is disgusting. Sigh.. I remember this happened to me to on my right finger number1; not thumb when i was in primary3. If i'm not wrong, i was hiding with 2 of my classmates, (was that you su ann?) under the teacher's table to see who is the thief in the class. Lol. I remember we suspected a boy in our class, Kok Rock Hin. Hahahahaha. So silly.

Ooh ya. So what happnened was, when I was hiding below the table, one of my friend was trying to pull another table nearer so that they cant spot us and my finger was tucked in between two tables. Same thing, the nail came off on the same day.


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