Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why do we hurt the most the ones we love the most?

I asked a lot of people this question. And i received all sorts of answers. Almost all different and i find them interesting.

Karyn : It is only possible that we hurt the most ones we love the most because it is pratically impossible to hurt some stranger to a great degree.

Carmen : Because it is like that lo.. The closer you are, then you take them for granted; thinking that nothign will happen.

PiaoChing : Okay. When both are very in love, once something bad happen on the relationship, the impact is very very big compared to the impact on normal friends..

XinYee : Because the one we love they most, they care and know more about us... So whatever we do they pay attention and therefore its more easier to get them hurt.

JuKoon : It is hard to explain. It is because when we get too close, we put in feelings and its like part of our life.

YongTze : Its because we always think they understand us the most, they won't care so much... and sometimes we even neglect them. So it is like what we think isn't what we expect. The one we don't love they wont feel the hurt or the pain.

LiePeh : Because we thought that we actually protect them.

Lilo, MeiYan : Because we know they won't leave us we always see the imperfecteness of them always arguing with them in all the argue we want to win we want them to be the one who come n cheer us upand in the end we hurt them.

Weiwei: Because.... I don't know. *blur case*

Dewi : Erm.. I think it is not that we want to hurt in purpose, but the one who loves you minds what we do and therefore they get hurt easily.

Luiz : Whatever we have done, to the others are nothing. But to our lover, even if it's just a single small thing, it's very important and you will notice that you lie to your lover easily because he/she trusts you. I think you should ask why is it that it is very easy to hurt our lover. Maybe I should say this, love is equals to hurt. It's just he/she hurts you or you hurt your him/her. Love is to cure back your lover, maybe. *super serious*

Susan : It's because we tend to care too much, so we panic over the littlest things.. And over react all the time.. And when we feel too much emotion, we tend to say wrong things..

PeiLu : Because we are selfish.

Marcus : Becuase we appreciate and cherish them most. And when we do hurt them, we feel far more guilty and bad compared to the others. Because our status in their heart are not the same.

John : If we dont hurt the one we love most, then we dont really love them at all.

Cindy : Erm, because love is powerful? As for normal people, they dun feel much hurt because they don't really care much about you and what you think or how you treat them. This is because they don't have love on you. While for your love ones, they care about how you think about them and how you treat them. So when u did something that hurts their feeling, they feel disappointed. Your love ones have really big hope on you. Once u hurt them, their hopes are dashed. Like said, "the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment". *she's a kind with Luiz* ;p

Me : We tend to hurt them because they had feelings on us and that they care every single little thing we; whether is it on them or not. And that's when they call they feeling - hurt, if they feel the thing isn't right for us to do.

Aren't they interesting??? ;)


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