Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dear Wasabi

I understand it is your birthday today and unpleasant things happened to you. I was with you throughout the whole day, and I might not fully understand your feelings of everything but I really know how it feels like being unlucky on the day which we supposedly to be lucky on our birthdays.

It would be a long post if I blog about the day detaily, so roughly it was some minor accident happened as there was no injuries and no one is hurt. And things went wrong after the incident where we forgotten to claim for our lost, wrong turns we made during the journey and the temperature that have risen your anger or even boiled up your blood. I understand how it feels, and i did not want to worsen your mood. I tried to cheer you up. It is okay if you're still mad or what. I do not expect a full mood recovery but at least the possibility of recovering is higher.

Other than birthday wishes, all I can think of to say is a Sorry to you. ;( Sorry if the kids annoyed you. Being a friend, i fail to cheer you up; suprises did not make it. We do not do to entertain you. We were really sincere to celebrate it with you. ;) I'm not sure what's with your parents but we, as your friends truly wanted to spend the night with you. It is okay if you want to be alone.

There will always be a fine day after it rains. Other than the day, the suprise, i have something else for you. Sorry that i can't afford pretty presents for you as I'm currently doing the save-up plan for the kids.


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