Sunday, April 2, 2006

Farewell Miko

The current assignment I'm doing is killing me. It consist of 30% of my coming exam lor. I die.! I have no idea what exactly I'm typing in the Words. Sigh. For those people who looked down on Mass Commies, wake up lo! I'm not that stupid to even handle the assignment, but to tell you guys, IT IS NOT THAT EASY!

Sigh. Due to this, some of our classmates have left us. Wuwuwuwuwu. Sad case. Most of them can cope with the English i guess. And some of them are required to take extra English classes that will cause them left behind a semester. And there goes one of our good friend, Miko. It was quite a sudden news to almost all of us. We get blended well.. And now she has to leave us. SAD.

Lucky me. I had my camera wherever i go. Therefore i had the last chance to take pictures with her. Sigh. Although we're still quite stranger to each other, but some actaully sobbed.

To Miko : ALL THE BEST. We love you! ;)


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