Thursday, April 27, 2006

The college's thingy

Finally all our assignments for the semester is done! No more overtime work till next semester starts on mid June and we're no longer juniors; but seniors. This is fast! :) Although the mid term tests and assignments are over; but the final exams are coming ahead. This sounds scary. I just started the course for like 1 month and 9 days, and soon, 13 days later it will be our finals. Can you imagine it?

Beside paper works, we had oral presentations too, back few days. I talked on the topic; Anorexia Nervosa. This topic may sounds funny on me. A thin girl like me is going to present such thing as if I'm suffering form it too. As if. I prepared slides and scripts, they were useless at the end of the day. I was so nervous and i skipped few slides due to the limitation of time and i also forgotten to read the small notes I had on my hand. I just crapped and I didn't expect my results to be 8/10. Yay! I'm happy. ;p

Most of the presentation done by my friends are interesting. Some are disgusting. Hahahaha. One of them did on sex education which most people paid attention on. I have to say that this friend of mine put a lot of effort into her presentation. She gave little gifts that is based on her topic. And guess what, it's condom. The gave us one each. Is it that awkward to receive such thing? I saw few of my classmates refused to take them and even pass the box of condom away as soon as it reaches their hand as if it is shit? They dint even look at them. Hahahaha. Shy or what? While there is this guy who even said he has never seen a condom before. Who would believe him. YOU? ;p I do not think it is something funny or what but it is something important that everyone should know. Hmmnp.

Ooh yeah, I received my mid-term's and assignment's results too; for Introduction to Mass Communication. I had average results which made me feel worried for the coming finals, all the results I have now will sum up to a total of 100% with the final's papers. I have got 12/25 for the test, 20.5/30 for my assignment, and 5 for my attendance. I need to get 15+/40 for my finals to get a B. My meanie lecturer told us that it is impossible for us to score an A. ;( Ewww. She's mean right!! Babi.

She gave me 5/15 for my essay writting for College Study Skill's module. That is super hyper the low looooor. Why she so like that? I think I did better than that lor!! I've never scored so low in my essay writting before, never. Sigh. This made me worried for the coming finals. Please do let me do well. ;)


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