Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fans Friends

I used to envy my friend, Puiyeen to have such good friends she found in her Idol's fan club. I thought it would never happen to me. Because, i'm not the friendly type nor the socialise type. I'm rather the shy type. I only started to make more friends when i was 16. Shit. I have low self-esteem. I dont dare to go near guys that i dont know too. Hahahaha. I have the phobia.. I dont know, the boys i know earlier dont like me when i was younger. *_* People like... Pixo Xhixg lar.... ;p

And until i i enter college, almost everyone is a stranger to me. I told myself, "OI, they dont know you.. Go make friends with them." So, i did took the first action to know them too. I'm glad i did so. I have more friends now. Beside friends in college i made, i too made friends from jc net, they are just so warm and friendly. Or maybe because they havent meet me in person. ;p Or they might run away after they saw me.

And i'm so excited about the outting i'm gonna join them on the 15th April.! ;) Now i can feel what Puiyeen felt before. Muahahahaha.. Another new bunch of friends. ;)

Day 16

Remarks : The small container is no longer suitable for them. Because they are now so tall!!!!! I'm so glad. I'm like seeing my own kid growing taller and taller eash day. But of course i would be feeling even happier if they are my kids lar.. They are just plants. They are now so tall and i shifted them to my ex-pet, crabbies' home. Hahaha. Soon, i'm gonna plant more and more to make it look nicer. And let them have more "friends". Hahahaha..


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