Friday, March 3, 2006

Driving Me Crazy

I'm so sick and headache at almost everything now.

GRRRR. Now, i know the feeling of my mum when kids are arguing and making bloody noises around over small stuffs or even over some stupid toys. Whacking them like nobody's business because all the while, they are darned pampered and not well taught kids. Not toturing them but teaching them. They would not listen to you if you dont have a cane or a stack of newspaper on your hands. Yalah, to whack them. Lucky they are not my kids, or not, THEY DIE. Or i think, based on my genes, my future kids might be better than them because they have lousy parents. ;p Hahahha. Ivan and Tammie needs education very badly.

On the other hand, my brother is also driving me to hell. The only person he is afraid of my my mum. And so, when my mum is not around, she's in thailand now, he'll start to rebel knowing that i wont complain to my mum, even so, my mum would not punish him. I always think my mum loves my brother more than me. Ahhh. The disadvantage of being the elder kid at home. I always get scolded when i go out with friends but not my brother. I know i'm a girl but its not fair though. Not trying to complain, but i hope she can treat both of us in a fair way. My brother is another pampered bastard. He never listens to me unless i threathen him. ;p "OOH, i'll tell mum you're courting a girl in your school..." ;p

What's next? My room is making my mood even worse. Its now an imcomplete room to me. No lights? No air-conditioner. No joke man. I'm so sick of this. There's no man in my house who can help us replace a new light bulb in my room. Not to say ladies are so weak that they can even handle small stuffs like this but i know, it is also unfair in between sexes. No such thing as gender equality to me. Guys are meant for all these kind of jobs. ;p You would not want to see a weak and innocent young lady climbing up a ladder to change the bulb with a mini skirt dont you? Teehee. And about my air-conditioner which is even OLDER than anyone of us here. Its is already serving us even before i'm produced. Er, i meant gave birth. Its too old too work smoothly now i guess. So i have been sleeping mama's room these few nights. Same to my brother, his is not working too. Oooh, see how unlucky can a family be.

Lastly, my laptop. Its old tooo.. I need a new one please..... I dont know what exactly happen but.. I cant open pop up links. Like my comment boxes. Everytime when i try to click on them, they go crazy as in everything hang.! Grrrrrrr... And what's more? Needed programmes like Photoshop isnt working. Error this error that.!!!!!!

Anyone can help me, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? I need a break.


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