Saturday, March 4, 2006

The Facial Expression Game

Muahahahaha.. Let's start the game..!

Round number one; the nice loooook. Cheeeeeeeeeese. ;)

Tammie v.s Vvens.

Round number two; hyper sad look. Sobs.

Ivan v.s Vvens

Round number three, the angry look. GRRRR.

Ivan v.s Vvens

Round number four; the closed-eyed and WOOOOO look. ;)

Tammie v.s Vvens

Round number five; the act cute look. Kawaii-neh!! ;)

Ivan v.s Vvens

Round six, the piggy look.

Ivan v.s Tammie.

The special round. The lips biting round. Who's cute and who's not?

Berrie, Ivan and Jay.

Looks like Ivan joined alot of rounds.. If he lose... He is going to... CRY OUT LOUD.

Lol. Anyway, just vote for your favourite. ;)


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