Monday, March 27, 2006

7 Things

7 Known Things About You
1. I have low self esteem, still, sometimes
2. Love kids alot, especially little boys
3. Big fan of Jay Chou
4. Dislike animals.!!!!!
5. Likes to take pictures
6. Likes to change hairstyle
7. Loves shopping not with my own cash ;p

7 Lesser Known Things About You
1. Cheerful outside, NOT inside
2. Little things make me blush/shed
3. I admire tall guys
4. Wants to learn dancing/vocal
5. Hugs a baby pillow and blanket with me everynight
6. I'm a bathroom singer
7. I want to get married early ;p

7 Wishes
1. Grows taller and fatter, obviously
2. Tomeet Jay in person, just me and him ;p
3. Better home finiancial
4. Marry my Mr.right before 24
5. A car like mini cooper ;p
6. Holiday trip with family/friends
7. Grow up to be what i wanna be

7 Things You Like About Yourself
1. My current hairstyle; not the colour though
2. My nose's height ;p
3. My surname, COOL ya! Sam.
4. My creativity ;p
5. My butt o.O
6. My passion for love. LOL
7. My loyalty. Muahahaha. :D

7 Things You Dont Like About Yourself
1. My height and weight. 160 & 34 kg
2. My kiddy voice
3. My set of ugly teeth
4. My meanie mouth and words
5. My timidity. GRRR.
6. My unfriendly-ness
7. My my my my.... My my my.. Nothing else i guess

7 Things On Your Mind Right Now
1. My college's assignments
2. My bloody toothache since yesterday
3. My driving lisence... I want it!
4. *I want a new laptop*
5. AHH Elaine is coming back tomorrow!!!!
6. Jay's songs...
7. What should i wear tomorrow?

7 Things You Hope To Accomplish Soon
1. Gain weight. *_*
3. The assignments
4. Toothache problem, i cant chew; i cant eat!
5. Transport to college issue. T_T
6. Find a part time job. I've finished my previous' salary! 2K!!!!
7. This survey................................ *DONE!*


: WOW. They grew from three tiny red beans to 3 stalks of plants with the total 15 heart-shaped leaves.! Hahaha.


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