Thursday, March 23, 2006

Think and Survive!

You know what happens when you drink and drive? Or if you drift; trying to imitate Jay? Or if you dont use hands-free while driving? Or even drive recklessly? Dont know? I'll tell you what will exactly happen.

This is what will actaully happen if you did things like what i said above. Or even of other factors.

I was so fed up when we were stuck in a stupid traffic at a not-so-possible place to have traffic. And so, i look out the window and spotted some policemen. I cursed them. I scolded them stupid blindly. And i would like to apologize to them here even if i know they wont know it. I thought it was them again doing some road blocks. Until i spotted a bunch of kepohs, the busybodies with umbrella, under the rain, with the uniformed men standing by the roadside creating heavy traffic.

There was a terrible, horrible car accident. Its so unbelievable. I'll describe the situation, and so, you must believe for what i said. I have the picture as a part of the proofs to my words. It was a silver Mercedes that banged the innocent thin tree beside the road. I dint know what exactly happened but the car was crashed like shit. The car was as if it was folded into half with the tree between the two sides of the folded car. As you can see in the picture. the tree was like IN the car. Great! How can this be? I dont know but you will get shocked seeing the poor vehicle stuck there.

God bless. I hope the driver cum the passengers in the car is safe although i think the chances are quite low. Sorry but we can actually assume it from the situation and the condition of the car.

Take it as a lesson, drivers.

Day 13

Remarks : I shifted them into the soil. I accidentally torn their loooooooooooong roots during the process. I'm so sad. Lucky they are safe. And i just realised, green bean's leaves are long and triangle-shaped unlike red beans, mine, they are heart shaped.


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