Monday, March 6, 2006

A New Member

If you ever wonder who is this.... Let me tell you. No, not my cousin. But my nephew. Or to be more detail, my second brother who is 35 this year. And this is his 3 months son. Er, i never mentioned i have any elder brothers? Did i or did i not? Hahahaha. If i have not, i'll tell you now. I have another two elder brothers from the same father but from the different mother. Get the picture? ;)

Anyway, that's not the point. I believe in every kids' childhood time, they must have plant the red/green bean with some cotton in a small container. Hehehahaha.. And i just remembered that i never once succeed. Pity me. So i decided to try once more since i'm so bored at home. Kakakakaka. I hope it works this time. And i will post a picture of it everytime i blog or i think almost everyday as a report. ;)

Day 1



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