Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Remote Control

If life had a remote control, which button would you hit? And why?

01. Pause
02. Record
03. Rewind
04. Fast forward
05. Eject

If you wanted to ask me what's with the Eject's button. It means to end your life. Die lar.


As for me, i want to record. Record every moment of myself ever since from the moment i was give birth too.

Record them into soft copy/CD so that i can play them in screen when i'm old. To see what have i actaully done in the past.

I dont think i want to rewind like mostly people will want to. They would want to correct their mistaken but i think, what is done is done. I treat anything that happened is a good thing. Always think to the positive side. I wonder, if i ever change my past, will it effect my future. I think so.

And i want to record everything.. So that in case in anyway i lost my memory, i can review them. ;p

Hahahaha. I have bad memory anyway.


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