Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mirror Twins

The junior students in my class.

You have heard of fartenal twins which is also known as the non-identical twins and also the identical twins. We hardly heard of Mirror twins.

Er.. So what is mirror twins? Mirror twins are identical twins with opposite features. I've a pair of mirror twins in my class. ;) Like my students, both of them have the same face but one is thinner than another. One has curled hair and another one has straight hair. One is smarter than another too.

Do you think you can guess who is the elder sister and who is the younger one? All the teachers got wrong. Let me tell you, the one who has the smaller body size on the left is the elder sister. She is just ONE day elder than the one on the right hand side of the picture. The elder one, Xin Hui is the smarter one. While Xin Yee, is the quiet one.

Mirror twinning is comparatively rare in humans. It results from a late split of the fertilized egg at around 9-12 days. I have to say this is the first mirror twins I met. I actaully like twins with different gender. I dont mind fratera; twins as well. Like said, "one stone kills two birds". Hahaha. Giving birth twice at a time is much more easier. ;p Why not identical twins? Very cute what right? Hahaha.

I don't really think so. They might be cute but a little more freaky to me. Imagine, you've seen Twin#1 pass by you and next Twin#2. Scary right? I was once frighten by a pair of young twins in SSG. *Touches wood first* And imagine if one of them passed away, you'll have to pray the same faced person.

The worst thing is, what if their boy/girlfriends got confused and go dating with both? Hahaha. Dramatic right? But I cannot deny that they are really very cute. Have you seen a pair of 60 years old grannies wearing the same top, same bottom and same shoes in the market buying fishes and stuffs? Same hairstyles also. Very very cute!!!!! :D


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