Monday, June 26, 2006

Bad News!

Shit! I've drop like another 1kg?!?!?!?!?

But I've been eating more than 4 meals a day now!!!! Breakfast (i usually don't), lunch at school and then lunch at home, dinner and supper. What happened?! I've been a very good girl for this two months; without skipping a single meal.

I slept a lot too. And I did shit as usual as well? But why lar. Why am I not gaining weight but instead, I lose weight again!!! It's really very easy for me to drop weight, so people who wants to go on diet can look for me but why lar. I thought I would gain at least 3-4kgs after the holidays. ;(

I'm really very very sad now. I should have stayed away from the weighing thingy. For a moment, I really hope it went out of order but no; I weighed again with another digital one and the result is still unchanged.

Can someone help me about this? ;(

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