Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fashion Police

And so everyone was starring at this middle age lady while I was commenting about the gold wedges on my mum in Nose. Yeah, she did stole the limelight there. Not that she was pretty. Not that she was sexy. Not that she was famous -- but she was UGLY! Nonono. I don't mean she looked ugly on her face but they way she dressed up.

Everyone looked at her and shooked the heads. I think some of them were cursing too. I've never seen someone dressed up like that before. At least I've never seen it for my last 17 years in my life.

Remember the last trend (or is it still going on now?), the STOCKINGS. It is also a trend in Sungei Wang lar. One of the must to have on every Sungei Wang-girl. Some really look good in it and some just don't suit it. And please, people who has big fat legs, don't wear lar. Very scary ;(

Okokok, Back to the point, so this flabby looking auntie with very rebonded hair was wearing this butterfly yellow top without any bottom?!?!?!?!?! I mean, no skirt. Neither a jeans or what but only a leapord-patterned thin stockings that allowed almost everyone in Sungei Wang to see through it (she wore black panties). I was like, WTH. Did she forgotten to wear her bloody bottom or what? Did she dirty it and was trying to look for one in the mall or what. Trying to seek for attention? Shit. She looked very very very freaky to me. How did she even survive to step out from her house dressing like that? Din't the others told her she looks real bad like this.?

And please lar aunty, I hate to see people drag the shoes while walking. You know how irritating is it to hear thoes squeeky noice produced. And do you know when you behave like that very the not nice?

That's not all. She ran around happily in the shop without feeling any awkward when everyone was looking at her as if she was an alien. Oh ya, we would not mind if she was a pretty and sexy babe who has nice butt. This aunty just can't behave well. She even touched her butt, pull her panty that maybe stucked somewhere, I don't know and stratch her ass as if no one is around. Shit shit shit. I wish i have the courage to tell her he sucks.

Sorry, but I admit I can't control giving comments on the way one dressed up. Yala. So-called, self-admit fashion police who don't look good either. Hahaha. But it would be a different story if i have more budget in doing shopping. I don't love fancy clothes because they don't last long. Simple things would melt my heart. I just hate to see people wearing bad clothes or to have bad sense of clothes combination.

Shit. I really need to do shopping now. ;(


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