Saturday, June 3, 2006

I Have A Feeling....

.... That I'll fall sick very very soon. I went for a Karaoke session yesterday with a few of my high school friends and it was a great day that I managed to sing as much as I like. There were a only a few of us; not more than 10 and therefore we need not fight for the chance to sing. Hahaha.

We started singing at 3. The people there told us we have to stop at 6 but we ended up leaving the place at 8. They gave us like free 2 hours or maybe more because we were too tired of singing. No one shoo-ed us out even if the time was over. We were overjoyed thinking that we were so lucky to have free singings and a 30% rebate.

However, I dont feel comfortable yesterday when I started singing. My voice was different I thought. I dont sing like that normally. Yesterday my singings were like disaster. Soft and dead. Pity my friends who had to listen them throughout the few hours. Hahahaha.

Even if I had herbal flower teas after that, my throat was still soring. This is not the end. I had curry food for 3 days in a row. Last night I had a super spicy crab that almost killed me immediately. No choice, nothing else to eat other than that. Hahaha. I drank just a glass of water before I go to bed and what I did was wrong. I need more than that.

My throat was uncomfortable the whole last night and I dint get to sleep well. The situation was worse this morning that I'm unable to speak nicely. Yada yada. Stupid me had fried chili lala for my dinner again.

And my voice is now lost. So happy!!!! ;(

Am also having stomach flu and I cannot stop sneezing too.!!!


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