Monday, June 19, 2006

Can I Not Drive?

Aww. I could not believe it that i actaully droev by myself. Before this, I was even afraid of starting the car's engine. No, don't ask me to drive or to seat at the driver's seat. I'll go mad. This is also one of the reason why I'm the last among my friends to drive. I don't even have the courage to attend driving classes. ;(

Finally, I had to overcome this fear. The first two hours of my driving lessons are like hell to me. I was too nervous that I could not control my left and right legs.

"What? Clutch? Accelerator? WHAT?" I shouted very frequently inside.

The worst thing was, I could not understand my instructor's Cantonese. Sigh sigh. The engine went off more than I could count with my own fingers that morning. And I hate it when I was stucked right in front of the traffic light. I knew the others wanted to honk but they could not. Sigh.

I can't even pull the hand brake. Please kill me. I want a driver laaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

The next four hours, I was taught to park the car. Shit! The girls hate parkings. I was lucky enough that I didn't hit anything down but my left foot went numb after an hour. If I were given a chance again, I'll say no. ;(

And I hate it when the others cut over me.!!!

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