Sunday, February 12, 2006

Something Sweet Soon...

Valentine's day is drawing near. I can see everyone is preparing about the celebration with the love ones. I see my girlfriends busy planning some sweet activities and also some male-friends busy thinking about flowers to buy. Rose or lily? ;p

I somehow envy them. I fail to celebrate V-day with my special him. Both years, last year and the coming one.

What happened last year? Well, it fell on a weekday where i need to go to school like usual. And what upsets me? My mum. She disallowed me to go for a V-day. Probably she doesnt know about me and my date during that moment.

As for the coming 14th February, my mum has a function to attend. I dont know whether its on purpose a not, she insist to bring me along. Yes, this time she knows about my date. She just told me in advance that i have to follow her on that night before i manage to ask for her permission. How sad. I tell myself, its just a date titled V-day. It doesnt work. Hahahaha. Whatever.

Flowers are definitely a must for that day. ;p As i came across this magazine, they actaully gave us some idea what to do on V-day. Example; some couple SPAs. Couple studio photographies. Candle light dinner; which is also a must if possible. Or even better, a romantic holiday trip to a place where they have beaches. So sweet. ;)


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