Thursday, February 23, 2006

D.I.Y Furry Ball

I'm sick of the routine i'm having now everyday.

Wake up, eat, tv or either exercise, bath, eat, tv, slack, computer, eat, tv then sleep. I dont mind if i'm going fatter. But the problem is NO. Sigh.

Anyway, not going to talk about my thin-fat problem again. Hahaha. Just that i feel so bored and so, i had this feeling to teach some D.I.Y stuffs here. Hahaha.

Dont worry. I'm not going to teach you how to knit lar.. ;) I'm going to show you how to make a furry ball with knitting threads.

Firstly, prepare the stuffs like knitting thread that you can find anywhere like Jusco with very low prices, sisscors, ruler, cardboard and a pair of patience hands.

Cut out a cardboard of size 3cm X 20cm.

Then, cut both the ends like shown above.

Next, cut an any-colour-thread and put it in between the both cuts. Make sure one side of the thread is connected and one is not.

Now, start to roll the cardboard with the thread colour you want. Roll Roll and roll.

Then after you rolled so times, you push them aside. And if you want to add some other colours you can too. ;) Or even roll two colours' thread at a time to have a different effect.

Roll roll roll... Keep on rolling...

Until you get something like that.. Hehe.

Next, pull out the thread within and tie them together like shown as above.

After you tied it, push the threads out. Or the other way, pull the cardboard out.

Tighthen the thread. Make sure you dont spoil the thing when you are seperating the cardboard and the thread. Slowly. Then, you will get something like above. Next, cut the center of the threads that formed a circle from the side.

You're doing everything correctly when you get something similar to mine.!

Lastly, trim it round.. Haha. As round as possible. And you'll get a furry ball. To get a nicer effect, comb it to make it hairy. ;) Cheers!!!

Okie lar, do this only when you're dead bored like me.


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