Saturday, February 25, 2006

Vven's Hairstyles

Time flies.... Dint realise that I'm so old already. Serious. I never realise that.. Because people always think i'm still a 13-15 year old girl, it made me have the same thought too. But my mum always hit me by saying that.. I'm actually 19 according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

Why does she want to add my age when she has to do the same as her's too. And its true that ladies dont like to mention their age. So remember, dont ask them.

By seeing th pictures above, well actaully, i dint change much i think. Dont ask me why there's no pictures of me during age 8-12. Sorry but i'm lazy to scan them in as a soft copy. I just look bad and ugly during the stage. Seeeee.!! I looked the same when i was 13 okay. There's a reason why the picture is small too. Haha.

And i like the 2 years old picture the most. I just love that hairstyle of mine. Dont you? ;)

When people are growing older and older, they wish to turn back time. While when we were still young, we always want to be like adults. Because we know, adults can do things that kids always wanted to do. Weird. Humans are weird.


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