Monday, February 20, 2006

Mr. Fella

I used to hate this guy alot. To me, he's a devil that sucks to the max. He has an ugly feature and evil mouth of words. I really hated him that i can totally ignore him.

Some of you must be thinking... "Ooh dear, how mean can this guy be to you?" or "Who the heck is he?" He is just a man who helped my family when we were almost dying.

People who know me well will know who am i mentioning. I really hate him alot because, in my thoughts, he can never substitute my father's position. Though, i was neutral to him earlier when i firstly knew him. All he did was buying great stuffs for us and maintaining the house lot i'm stayed for more than a decade.

Honestly, he recovered the situation of my family. We almost sell our house and even plan to shift to my grandparents house which is a very small and old house. And what's more.. Maintaing me in SSG.

He brought us overseas like my father did. He bought us good stuffs and my first 8250 when i was barely 13. He bought me a turqoise gameboy when i refused to accept gold accesories from him. I was rather unsatisfied though. Forgive me. I'm just a childish girl before.

What caused me to stop being neutral to him? Its his bloody mouth that could not stop talking, crapping, cursing, drinking, smoking, scolding, foul languages and big talks he did. I hate it most. I hate people talk as if their the best and yet there's no prove or whatever shit. No actions, talk only.

I too hate it when he clarifies me as his daugther. I have only one irresponsible father. That's enough.

Trust me. I dont even greet him when i was at the stage of boicot-ing him. I dont care what my mum said and no matter what he buys for me.

And out of a sudden, he was lost from our contacts. Mum no longer contacts him nor request money from him. I guessed they argued. He wants to marry my mum but my mum insist not. Then, here comes the cold war.

It was a year he did not appear in my life. And this is when my mum is forced to work 2-3 jobs a day. Her direct sales, flea market and some night life job. We were forced to sell away our Mercedes too and forced to send my brother to some stupid schools. Yes. I must use the word stupid.

My mum broke down but she still insist not to look for him until one day he did. They recovered and same to my family's situation except for my brother. Pity him. Honestly, if they were not back together, i will not be able to register in Taylors and have my 6111.

But now, i'm back neutral to him. Just for my mum. And somehow i'm not that childish anyway. Not that i can accept him but i think i should be thankful that there's no reason for him to pay such cost for us. He told me its because he's with my mum that's why he needs to do so. Bullshit. I can never be patient and talk to him in a good manner. Hahahaha..

He even promised to sponsor me for driving lessons and even a car. Here comes his stories again.

I was just thinking.. ....... What reaction should i have. What should i do. I dislike him but i dont want to see my mum suffers. I dont want him to appear in my life, i still believe my dad will return one day. Am i naive or stupid. I guess, continue being neutral is the best.


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