Saturday, February 18, 2006

Having Fun with Them and Them

I had two days with packed activities. Well, the first day was yesterday. Puiyeen had a booking with me. Hahaha. She had some assignment on kids so i had her my little cousins for observation. This is real fun. She made them so happy as time passes while in the begining, they dare not actaully go near her. Hahaha. this proved, kids are easily cheated. ;p

She made them write A-B-C`s which they dont know. She too gave them the opportunity to play with flour-made dough. Ivan was good at rolling them into shapes but i guess Tammie was just lusting to eat it all the while. Hahaha.

The fun was then koined by Carmen. She came all the way from Bukit Antarabangsa just to accompany me in my boredness. Hehehe.. She's so sweet. Heehehehe..

When her observations are almost done, we had this kids-hair-cutting thingy. Well, no doubt. I'm the hair dresser. Hehehe.

This is Tammie while waiting for the expert. ;)

And this is how she looks after the hair cut. Got lar.. her fringe got shorter lar.... Just the angle tak ngam aje.

And this is a group picture of them without me, before the kids were dismissed.

After the kids went back, me and Carmen headed to Puiyeen's house. Let me count.. How long have i not been to her house? 1..2..3 years..? I dont know. Y_Y Hahahaha.

Ooh the sweetie PuiYeen gave me a voucher that entitled me to get a free glasses from FocusPoint because most of them are more than -4.00DS which cant redeem the glasses. So i took it. As you can see its one of my wish to get a new glasses under the wishlist section at the left side of my blog. ;)

We spent few hours there cam-whoring while waiting for Jukoon to pick us up for a steamboat dinner.

There were 6 girls and 4 guys there included me, Carmen, Pui, Cindy, WanWei, Liepeh, JuKoon, YeeTsong, Wei Hao and Ah Pou. The 10 of us ate alot alot and alot... Till everyone is full till their throats. Ya serious.! Hahaha. And i have to thanks them for sending me home. I'm the only one who cant drive yet. So sad.

Pictures during the dinner. ;)

Sorry for the blank images. Will be replaced with some pretty pictures very soon. ;)

As for today, me and mum went to Lot 10 for some wedding shows by her designer friends, Daniel and Leslie. And here are some, erm actaully quite alot of pictures of pretty models and pretty dresses to share.

The lady above is Amber Chia.

Oops! I can explain this. Hahaha. This is just a dancer, dont worry. Performing some traditional dancse before the models are out on the stage presenting the traditional wedding gowns.

Nice! Arent they? Teehee.

Yayaya, went shopping after that and bought a top and a long-wanting purse. Yippe! And most importantly, i got the glasses made. :D

Ooh anyway, try this. Its a simple and short test about how well you know me.! ;)


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