Friday, February 24, 2006

Omg Omg Omg Omg

AHHHHH. Announcement.! Our SPM results are out on the 13rd of March which is two weeks from now. I'm sure the news is pretty accurate as its written in newspapers.

Not that i'm scared or panic. I'm happy that i can return back to school seeing my friends! Hahaha. Serious. As long as i dont fail for all subjects. *Touch wood*

And ooh ya. The following week will also be my college orientation and stuffs. I din't know that if i register with my forecast i need to sit for another english exam. No one ever mention that when i went to Taylor's. Cunning fellows. If i dont get good results; Level6, i have to pay more money to take English lessons. SHEEEEEEET.

What now? Erm, if my coming results arent that bad, can i change it with my forecast.? Hahaha. I dont wanna take the rist to do badly in the exam and take more classes. I'm just lazy and dont want to pay extra 1k.


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