Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Sweet Thing is Here!

So how is everyone's V-day? Good or not? Mine? I had it with my mum and brother. We went to my mum's company's function @ MCA.

Me; getting ready for it! ;)

It tooks us almost 1 hour to reach the place. ONE HOUR!! Get me or not? Usual time taken is like maximun 20 minutes only. The traffic was like shit at the Ampang area. This was because; the heavy rain on Valentine that caused tree being strucked down by the lighting and it bothers the traffic condition. Everything was slow and late. Even the event was started late. As usual.

My mum was responsible to buy flowers on that night and she bought like 2k of flowers.! *_* Cool? Yes it is!! Hahahaha.. And the speciality that night.....

Who tells you that's a cabbage? Its a new kind of flower from Penang..!! I'm not sure with its name but i named it the cabbage flower.! ;) It has purple colour that makes it looks like a purple cabbage. ;p

Let's not talk about the even and talk about flowers. Hahaha. Let's see what my mama got.!

White lilies!!! That's my mama's favourite.! Hahaha..

Ooh, who is the unlucky girl my brother is waiting for?

Hahaha. After everything, i went home. And i've receive this form someone special. Yes, mind you its in a basket. And its made from him!!! See the word, m-a-d-e.! Hahaha. He spend unknown time to get those flower put nicely in the basket. See carefully and see what can you see. Hehehe. Nothing? Let me show you.

..... ... ... ........... ...................

Now you see! Teehee. And as for today, a had a date with him. We had a movie and a so-called candle light dinner @ Victoria station. Hahaha. Was great then. But the worse thing is..... I left his present at home.!!!!!!! Y_Y And yes, its still with me. Stupid me.


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Anonymous fLiP_bOisaid... (July 07, 2007 2:37 PM) : 

you look kinda cute?? do you have a myspace??


Anonymous fLiP_bOisaid... (July 07, 2007 2:40 PM) : 

or an aim??my aim is aznleeroyguy


Anonymous fLiP_bOisaid... (July 07, 2007 11:40 PM) : 

where do you live cause you really look cute!!


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