Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Coke Galore

Hahaha. I'm not a coke fan but i just feel like posting this. ;p

Ahh!! Can you make the coke stand like that?! NO! I dint use glue nor photoshopped it. Hehehe. You definitely need some skill to do so.

Hahaha. Love my fancy straw dont you? I'm not a coke fan but the fancy straw fan! Hehehe. I used to love drinking them but... Recently i've stop the habit of drinkinig soft drinks and cold drinks. Hahaha. Erm, from normal syrup, Coke became the world most famous soft drink and most favourable drink among people from age 8 months to 80. Haha. From the normal flavour, it came out with more "interesting" flavour from years to years. Like, Diet coke, Lime Coke, Vanilla Coke, Cheery Coke etc etc. Lucky they dont have this Coke Tarik like Pepsi does. ;p

The mini-size Coke and a FAKE Coke i did for my Art Project during year2003. Hahaha. It looks shitty. I KNOW.! I had a full pholio about Coke! Hahaha.

Now, we have these TALL ones. The one on the left side is a cool one, which i bought it from Japan. While the another one, its the traditional packing.! You can get it in in mamak stalls. ;) Or even in supermarkets but they are much more costy.

SEE.! I never lie. Kids love it. I remember a cousin of mine, he loves drinking Coke alot and treating it as if its mineral water. Then, gas acumulates in his tummy and *burp* here comes his big tummy! ;p


SLRUPS............. OOPS!

Sorry. Its me. I cant resist it!!! *Runs to my sofa and start to enjoy my can of coke* CIAOS.


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