Thursday, February 9, 2006

I wanna be Super Vven!

If ever.. IF, a very strong word, god gives you a chance to choose ANY super power, yes.! No typo at all. You own the super power for a lifetime. What sort of super power would it be despite considering the disadvantages because you know nothing is perfect.

As for me, i have two super powers that i would like to own. Aiyar, human memang greedy wan. ;p When you are offered for one, you ask for two and more and more and more. Its like having more than 1 girlfriend at a time. ;p

1. Mind reading.
I would like to have this super power please, God. I want to know what's everyone thinking. Of course, i need some rules for it. Maybe like; i can only read ones' mind thru some eye contact. So, i cant read Jay's mind. How sad. I can only read my mum's when i ask her what she wants for mothers' day. I can too read my dear's mind and always do what he like giving him suprise that can make him feel so happy for me being so understanding. LOL. I can also read my friends' so that i can be their favourite friend knowing what they like and i'll never say and do stuffs wrongly. Oooh. Me being naughty, can also read a teacher's mind if i need them in helping me to answer my questions. ;p But not forgetting that it'll bring some disadvantages like not having anymore suprises.

2. Time machine.
I want to have the ability to play time anyhow i like; if possible. I hate the feeling of regretting. Eg; AIYA! I should have choosen that course man. I hate this course. Or something like; Shit man! I should have not buy the skirt next door. This is cheaper and nicer!! Die. Hahaha. Aint this cool. I can always backforward time and too, fastforward time like a VCD player. To the future, i can see who is my husband-gonna-be and what,how will i look like when i'm old. And backk to the present time; i'm some sort of future-teller. Not bad huh! I can also have the chance to score an A1 for my add math when everytime i can return to the exam moment to re-correct them. Hahaha. But again, its bad when it makes me look like a cheater. Yes. I think i am.

So if you were given the chance to choose, what super power would it be?

Some people would choose the nature power where you can control the trees, the flower bla bla bla. Some even wants to FLY or turn invisible. Up to you. Dream about it. ;)


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