Friday, December 5, 2008

We are happy family :)

*pictures for the last three days with my family!*

Day 01 : 3rd December 2008 @ Nilai

The next day after the whole family traveled from Singapore to KL, we drove all the way to
Xiao En, Nilai to visit our great grandma, grandpa and uncle. It was my grandpa's 100th day (after leaving) as well. It was a emo trip but I guess everyone just held back their emotions :(

Anyways, I think their "new" place is a great place. Although they are now "staying" very far apart from us, I'm pretty relieved to see that their new place is so nice, peaceful and comforting. I dint take any pictures of the place because at first I was afraid that it might be rude to do so. But later, I was asked to take pictures of the process of praying and stuffs.

#01 My mum and grand aunt with my other aunts behind, preparing "hell money" for them.

#02 The shoe we burnt for him.

#03 Burning...

#04 The food we brought over for them. My great grandma's favourite was the combination of durian and rice. Weird but they told me it was nice.

#05 Not forgetting beers and cigarettes for them.

#06 My grandpa, great grandma and uncle.

#07 Tammie and her red fingers.

#08 With the little ones.

Day 02 : 4th December 2008 @ Mid Valley

For the first time in my life of being 20, I went shopping with almost my whole family. Which included 7 kids, grandma, 3 moms and 3 dads. Hahaha. I felt like a tourist ;p

#09 The kids and the xmas decoration in Mid Valley. And that's my new hairdo :) 3 inches chopped, dyed and changed the hair parting. Okay or not?

#10 My favourite picture of my little cousins. So cute lar.

#11 The Christmas tree in Midvalley's centre court.

#12 With the adults :) We are such a happy family :D

#13 The kids enjoying their cotton candy.

#14 The mom and her three daughters who are mothers too.

*rushed to work later while the rest of the family continued shopping*

Day 03 : 5th December 2008 @ Imbi

We went to a very famous Bak Kut Teh restaurant in Imbi, the restaurant that we often visit so does celebrities. Jay Chou went there twice or thrice I think. Hehe. I remember the last time I saw a celeb appearing there was a about two years ago, he was Samuel Hung's son,
Hung Tin Ming. And today, I saw four celebrities. I dont know why most of my family members, and also the workers there saw only 2 or 3. Apalah! I saw four of them and they are the casts of the current drama I'm watching; The Gem of Life.

I felt weird again. I thought I was watching the drama for a second. Hahahaha.

These four! Bowie, Bosco, Maggie and Kenny. Fuiyoh. They were wearing like their characters in the show too, the rich and the famous theme weh. But anyways, we saw them entering the VIP room, passing by us and we also waiting for them to come out about 2 hours later (to kill some time while waiting for the bus back to Singapore for my relatives at the same time). Smart yo! And there wasnt many people left when they came out, so we thought maybe we could request for some photos but ish, the guard were like, "No time, no time! In a hurry". But only one picture also cannot meh :( My mum was disappointed.

Anyway, this is a video, a very short one capturing them leaving the restaurant. See my mum getting excited! Hahahaha.

#15 Hello Bosco. Dont action ;p

#16 Bye Bosco.

*rushed to work again while the rest went to the bus terminal, going back to Singapore*

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Blogger Harmonysaid... (December 05, 2008 10:14 PM) : 



Anonymous renayesaid... (December 06, 2008 12:19 AM) : 

argh! i want to meet them too! the last celebrity i met was hans isaac. we brushed into each other in klcc.


Blogger williamsaid... (December 06, 2008 1:11 AM) : 

great family outing there, nowadays huge family outing are rare


Anonymous cindysaid... (December 06, 2008 3:58 AM) : 

hahahahaha! your mum is so cute


Anonymous karensaid... (December 06, 2008 10:53 AM) : 

hahaha your mum is so funny. she must be a fan of the drama!


Blogger .:Baby Gin:.said... (December 06, 2008 7:27 PM) : 



Anonymous ashleighsaid... (December 07, 2008 12:22 AM) : 

family first! ;)


Blogger Suet Lisaid... (December 07, 2008 10:00 AM) : 

hello! i like durian and rice alot! i like bosco alot too why are they in msia why why why!?


Blogger Suet Lisaid... (December 07, 2008 10:00 AM) : 

oh btw i loveee your watermark thingy! sooo cute


Anonymous Slowiesaid... (December 07, 2008 9:14 PM) : 

omg what in the world is bosco thinking? KL is so hot and he's wearing a jacket?


Anonymous vvenssaid... (December 07, 2008 10:09 PM) : 

Harmony : hahaha. So did you went over to see him in Pavilion?

renaye : aaaw. haha. not very familiar with hans though :(

william : totally agree! unless its a vacation or something lar.

cindy : you see lar her face. hahaha. funny right!

karen : not really a fan its just, erm, high seeing them in such a distance when we are watching their drama everyday, now!

baby gin : really ah? i never try before weh.

ashleigh : yes! :D

suet li : huh! really that nice? i must try jor! and they were here for the Gem of Life promo. I kept calling him to snap that picture but he ignored me. Maybe i yong sui :(

slowie : cool ma!!!!! haha


Anonymous sulsaid... (December 09, 2008 3:43 PM) : 

hi there. am just a reader of your blog :)

just drop by here to ask you (since there's no cbox mah lol), where did you buy polaroid camera?! im seeking for such a long long time! polaroid is so COOL yea.

anything can just mail me or whatever! thx a lot!! :)

btw i saw bosco on that day too! X)


Anonymous vvenssaid... (December 10, 2008 2:34 PM) : 

sul : hi! erm, sorry but my polaroid camera was a gift from my uncle! but i've seen it in Fujifilm photo shop @ hartamas shopping centre! hope it helps!


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