Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Missing Tim Tam

I was in the office, still in the office.
I was hungry, still hungry.
I was craving for pasta but I could not get it here.
I changed for something else, Tim Tam.
I went to the fridge. I paused, washed my hands first.
I wiped the water on my dress.
I reached to the handle of the fridge. I pulled it opened.
I squatted down, stared at the unsealed Tim Tam and whispered to it, "You're dead!".
I took the Tim Tam and stood up.
I tried to tear it open with my wet fingers.
I could not. I tried again.
I tried it, harder this time.
I succeed. The packet is now opened, but the wrong way.
It was torn the wrong up. Opened up till another end of the packet now.
Then it slipped away from my hands and dropped on the floor.
I was shocked and scared. Oh no, now I have to sweep the floor.
I quickly bended down and picked the biscuits up.
One, two, three and counting.
I filled them back into the plastic holder.
Nine, ten... Where is another piece?

There was an empty place, one more piece to go.
Where is it? Could it be under the fridge?
My position was awkward, almost lying on the floor hunting for it.
Where are you, Tim Tam?

I searched the whole kitchen, there wasn't any sign of the missing piece.

Or could it be there's only 10 pieces in the packet but why 11 spaces.
But normally its filled up full.

Okay, another piece was eaten by me during the search of the missing Tim Tam.


I went up and down looking for it.
I found nothing. Where could it be?
I dont want to eat Tim Tam already.
I want to eat Carbonara :(


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Blogger Simon Seowsaid... (December 11, 2008 2:19 AM) : 

Go Italiannies.


Anonymous karensaid... (December 11, 2008 12:23 PM) : 

is there any hole or rat in the kitchen? hehe


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