Monday, December 22, 2008

Because Xmas came early this year

Event : vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party 2008
Date : 20th December 2008
Venue : DXO, Singapore

Yes, I was one of the lucky one being invited by Nuffnang to go all the way to Singapore for the Christmas bash with fully sponsored transportation and accommodation. Guess where? JWW Mariott ! Weee :) We had fun although the trip was short. So anyway, once we reached Singapore's Orchard Road, most of the girls in the bus went nuts screaming, "Shopping!" I was one of them. Haha. But too bad, we dint have enough time. It was about 3-4pm when we reached. We only had a little time for a quick dinner before we left to DXO, where the party was held.

#01 We got all dressed up and waited for the rest at 6pm, at the hotel's lobby. Boo. We actually got a lot of stares from everyone in the hotel, and also erm, people in Orchard Road who passed by the hotel. Haha. That's KY as Potong stim Pirate, me as SSG Student, Jolyn as Tape measure-r aka Tailor and Ginny as Playboy bunny.

And then, the pictures of tonight starts.......... Haha. Hold your breathe. I think I have quite a lot of them cause I stole them from everywhere ;p

#02 The venue, DXO. Quite a strict place though. Blek.

#03 Once we were there, we were kinda shocked. The Singaporean bloggers were actually dressing quite normal weh. Nothing like us, so kua jiong. Haha Then there was this host, Randall interviewing each of us. Ginny got more attention of her outfit ;p

#04 Okay, my turn.. Hahaha.

#05 Me me me!!
Picture stolen from here! Click and see if there is picture of you or not!

#06 Ninie, The banned yoga instructor and Nellie, the Veronica lodge.

#07 Ginny and I. And oh my, hahaha I had to act innocent and cute the whole night just cause I'm the student. Hahaha. Not bad weh. I used to like posing with peace back in high school. Hahaha. So bare with my peaces.

#08 With KY the Pirate. Keke. And I owe him an advertorial :(

#09 Aiyoh. So wrong. The Priest posing with the Playboy bunny.

#10 Ginny, Boss Tim the Pop star, Jolyn and I.

#11 And I met a lot of teachers and students there. Its like student exchange programme. Lol. And that's very hot teacher Nadnut and classmate Jayden. Once I saw him in that outfit, my heart broke. We wore the same thing but I lose to him. He has got nerdier specs leh! But anyway, congratulations for winning the pair of air tickets to HongKong. You guys should check out his winning video in his blog!

#12 With Cindy Tey as Venus the Goddess of Love and Ruby.

#13 No, you wont get to see hot girl measuring another hot girl like I did. Hahaha.

#14 With Jolene, the Present :)

#15 And her dress was really a present from her grandma. Hand sew weh!!!! So sweet :)

#16 Us while getting the food. I look fat but my hair look nice :) And picture credit to him, the unofficial photographer :)

#17 The old man who got excited seeing the Playboy bunny.

#18 And guess who was that behind the mask? Kenny Sia. Haha. The mask was kinda freaky though.

#19 Student with the Virgin bride, Audrey. Her outfit was really pretty and therefore, she won the best outfit award. Congrats!! :)

#20 The people measuring something on Robb, who came as Patrick the starfish. Haha.

#21 And the cutie Firdy with the bunny ears.

#22 With Chee Ching who came as a Tourist. Keke.

#23 Our very very special souvenir, personalized stamp! :)

#24 Cool right? Thank you vPOST.

#25 The girls enjoying in the party.

#26 With Jason who snapped all these pretty pictures. I really like them cause my complexion looks so nice. How I wish it looks like that in real life too. Haha.

#27 With Lyssa in pink, wife of Orlanda Bloom and Aisah, another classmate of mine. Haha.

#28 the picture stolen from Kenny's facebook. Haha.

And that's all I've got from the party. Dint take a lot with the Singaporean bloggers there. Shy mar. Hahaha.

I want the pictures of Ginny and I taken at the entrance by the photographers. Do drop me a note if you have pictures with me in it. I wanna steal them. Muahahahaha. It was really a short but sweet trip to Singapore. How I wish we could stay longer to enjoy the sales in Singapore. Wuwuwuwu. Cotton on :( Orchard Road :( Bugis Street :( Tutucake and more food :( I'll come back soon!

Once again, thank you Nuffnang for the invitation! Yay.

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Comments on "Because Xmas came early this year"


Blogger Joshsaid... (December 23, 2008 12:05 AM) : 

I was there too! AND I saw you. ^_^


Blogger Jordansaid... (December 23, 2008 12:07 AM) : 

Hey gal, I was there, I saw you too AND JOSH IS WITH ME LOL.


Eh, I want to get to know you. If you don't mind, let's exchange contacts?

balistafear.aerojordan AT

take care, see ya next time!


Blogger Jasonmumblessaid... (December 23, 2008 12:19 AM) : 

You look great, with or without make up. Hehe.


Blogger Joanne Chansaid... (December 23, 2008 12:21 AM) : 

You look so cute!


Anonymous karensaid... (December 23, 2008 9:57 AM) : 

hahaha you look so young in that outfit lor. and i just realized, everyone who comment before me is with the initial of J.


Blogger Simon Seowsaid... (December 23, 2008 2:50 PM) : 

woah, Ginny so sexy in the last pic. That's SSG prefect uniform not student wtf :p


Anonymous kaizhisaid... (December 23, 2008 3:00 PM) : 

You look much much younger. =D

Cute!! =P

Nice knowing you. x)


Anonymous audsaid... (December 24, 2008 12:17 AM) : 

haha vivien i saw your pics on facebook and i stole them! *telling you for permission wtf

take care!


Anonymous Huai Binsaid... (December 24, 2008 8:36 PM) : 

You took photos with everyone but meeeeeeeeeeeee

Don't want to friend you liaw. :p


Anonymous Anonymoussaid... (December 25, 2008 10:07 AM) : 

ginny looks hots!


Blogger -eiling-said... (December 25, 2008 1:12 PM) : 

Hey nice to meet you vivien!


Blogger 孤单的孩子said... (December 25, 2008 9:26 PM) : 

a happy merry christmas you o ...


Blogger vvenssaid... (December 26, 2008 10:13 AM) : 

josh : haha hi! nice to meet you.

jordan : i saw you there too :)

jason : since when you saw me without make up? ;p

joanne chan : ahaha thank you.

karen : haha yah wor. and i had to act cute. lol

simon: as always lar. haha i never thought i could be ssg prefect. shit. i dint thought of it i keep thinking that ssg uniforms are all in yellow. lol

kaizhi : hahaha. 5 years younger. haha!

aud : ooh its okie! if you want better quality i can send you over msn. hehe.

huai bin : my mama said osama is a dangerous guy wor. scary!

anonymous : hahaha. yeah.

eiling : me too :)

孤单的孩子 : merry xmas! :)


Blogger BLuesaid... (December 26, 2008 6:30 PM) : 

Didn't manage to snap with you so I grab your pic and post in my blog for my own memory on noticing you T_T


Blogger nadnutsaid... (December 26, 2008 9:26 PM) : 

hi babe! it was good bumping into you! pity we didn't have much time to chat! next time yeah? take care!


Blogger vvenssaid... (December 26, 2008 10:46 PM) : 

blue : haha i saw myself in your blog! ;p haha its alright!

nadnut : lol. sure! hope u had fun last night at both the party and the wedding :)


Blogger Jasonmumblessaid... (December 27, 2008 12:23 AM) : 

A pretty girl is pretty no matter what, with or without make up.


Anonymous vvenssaid... (December 27, 2008 10:15 AM) : 

jason : hahaha thank you for your compliment! *blushes*


Anonymous Heidysaid... (January 09, 2009 1:27 PM) : 


i from mexico...

i like ur blog...

i would like to know you...

well... my mail is

maybe we can have contact and know us contries and some things...



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