Sunday, November 19, 2006

The 2 of Us

We knew each other since the day I was born. She's 6 months elder than me, exactly 6 months.

I dont remember what we usually do in the past, but I think she bullies me! ;p Like in this picture. Hahaha.

We bath together too! Haha. Look at our mini pails. Her was red and mine was blue. When I'm with her, I'm always getting the "boy" stuffs. Like having all stuffs in green, blue or purple.

The time we spent in some beach. Oh dear, I love my hair. Hahaha.

And although both of us are from different countries, but we still spend alot of time together. :)

Until the day I shifted to Singapore, we spent even more time together. And that we always dressed the same. Some even though we were twins. Haha.

Ok. She's FOREVER taller than me. :(

Schooling together. SEE! I so cute! Hahahahaha.

Really. Our parents have to buy the same clothes but different sizes. Lucky there's only two of us. I can't imagine the whole bunch of kids wearing the same clothes. No more personality, no more style already. Hahahaha.

When we were 13. Our brothers and our little cousin, Ivan.

Having fun at the beach again, after years.

Having fun photo shooting with the two brothers, who are also same age.

Okokok. We're also looking better already. HAHAHA. But, the time together is not as much as the past. :(

Some sticker pictures we took. And I look lala. :(

And Elaine, you havent been coming to Malaysia for like years already. I'm not happy about it! HEH!

But nevermind, I'm coming to you soon. You better make time for me. MUAHAHAHA.


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