Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Vvens is boring, ok?

I know. I know.. I like the Motorola's new advertisements :)

I cant stop playing with my Adobe Photoshop!!! Someone please give me some other entertainments before my eyes drop off infront of the monitor screen!!!! Hahahaha..

I remembered Natalie said she's a boring person. WHAT? NO WAY! Then I must be way boring than you. I really am. I'm someone who cannot entertain someone else besides saying lame and pointless jokes. Sometimes I dont talk to you whether in person or in MSN is because I really dont know what to talk about, unless I have things to tell you or that I need a favor from you. Haha.

I'm not a happening person. You'll see me always staying at home. Even if there's a cool party, people might not invite me. Sad. Perhaps I'm not cool enough.

And now, I'm so boring that I dont know what you blog about. Everything is dull like black and white potrait. :(

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