Thursday, November 2, 2006

I'm Eighteen!

I have a feeling that its just like any other typical day today. Its weird that I have to remind myself its my BIG DAY. Haha. And to remind the others it is also Cindy's birthday.

Today, unlike any other my-birthday for the past few years, I had no party and stuffs. I did not celebrate it with Cindy. All I had was a day with him and a simple dinner with my friends. I'm satisfied. Although sometimes it is annoying to have tons of messages to read in the cinema but I'm so glad and kinda touched by a few of my friends.

Thank you. Thanks to everyone who actaully wished me included those who wished me like 3 days ago and also belated birthday wishes!. Hehehe. Thanks. And a special thanks to my dear and Ginny Yap So Por! My dear spent the whole day with me and my so por baked me cup cakes! :)

I can do so many things now. Hahahahahaha. But for now, the only thing I want to do is to SLEEP. :) Havent been sleeping tight last night. Teehee. So, before I end the day, I would like to share some past years pictures of my birthday celebration. :)


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