Tuesday, November 7, 2006

My Family Part3

This is how someone would write about their family when they was young.

I have a family. My family has 4 members. They are my father, my mother, my younger brother and I. My father is a businessman. My mother is a housewife. My brother studies in the same school with me. I love my family.

But today, I would write it differently - I have a family, I would say I have a complicated one. Firstly, I had a father who I lived with for only 10 years. He has two wives. The elder wife has two sons which are also my brothers They are older than me, 20 years. My eldest brother really loves me and take cares of me like his little sister. However, my second brother hardly talks to me. And he has just built his own family.

This made my mum the second wife. No big deal. He loves us more than anyone else. He loves me the most because I'm the only daugther of his. And ya know, everyone knows, he left us.

And there is when Part2 of My Family begins. Whenever people ask me about my family, I would feel sad and emotional. I wont talk much but to say, "Dont ask. I'm from a single family" with a smile. Smart people would stop asking by seeing the expression of my face. Being in a single family is not that simple as you can see. Remember, you have only ONE parent to support you, plus your sibling. You study at a shcool that costed over 10 thousand a year. You have all the other children has. You can have everything you like. Its not easy. And the worst thing of all, relationship were much looser than you realise.

Now, My Family is leading to Part3. Sounded like some HongKong drama series? Hahaha. Tomorrow, my family will be different - officially. This is because my mum is going to marry another guy who has helped us went through the tough stages of our family. Seriously, without this fellow, I wont be able to continue my studies now. BUT this guy can only help us finiancially. Really. His personality needs to be repaired. That's the only thing which annoys me. Besides, he has a bitchy daughter who I do not favour and a irritating devil grandson that brings loads of troubles to me. GRRR. Just whatever. As long my mum likes him loooooooooooooooor.

Just tomorrow. And everything might be different. And please dont ask me again. Just don't ask me again about it. That's all I can say about it. I can keep some to myself. :) I still love my family.

P/s: Luiz is not my brother. ;p


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