Wednesday, January 11, 2006

His 80th Birtthday ;p

Yesterday evening, i had a class gathering with my classmate. Not really a gathering but its our grandpa's birthday. Lol. I'm so mean. Not grandpa, erm, Fuh Haur lar.. ;p He's at our age but he looked rather old compare to us that's why we call him old man, what so ever name which related to OLD. Hahaha. But he knows, we dont bring any harm. ;)

How does he looks like? Suspect my words? ;p Come, i show you how he looks like.

Muahahaha. :D This is just when he was young. Okay, everyone has childhood lar. But his was short. ;p

Look at his Giant milk tea. Superb!!!! Anyway, its free lar. ;p But he said, the drink was rather tasteless. Too much ice. Haha. Oh yeah, we were at the MongKong restuarant in Leisure Mall.

From the left; WanKeen, FuhHaur, YongTze and BoonTeng. ;)

From top; FuhHaur, Carmen, ME and John. John were the red packet last night. He wore red shirt and short. *_* Gila.!!

The guys from left; HengWai, HonMing, KarJun, Scott, Joosin, YoonHui, ChunWeng and Micheal.

The green girls. ;)

Long time no see!! ;) I'm so happy to meet them. Hehehehe. Mostly girls in my class are quiet. ;( Half of them dint make it to come out last night. How sad... I miss them.

Hahaha. We had a great time making fun of the birthday man. ;) We ate alot and talked alot. Haha. Almost lost my voice again. Hehehaahaha. Okie, here comes the cake cutting time. And, the meanie me did something real bad yet fun! I forced FuhHaur to wear a birthday hat!!!! We told
him, we want him to have some childhood feel. Lol.

You can tell from the picture he is SAD. Hahahaha. Yet happy. :D He warned me not to post this up; but sorry grandpa, i cant do it. Hehahahaha. Dont cry lar wei, we bought you a cake. ;) SMILE.

One, two, three .... EIGHT big candles and one small in the middle; meaning 81 years old. ;)

We are good kids. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA. :D Tuck in!


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