Monday, January 9, 2006

The Kid

Have you ever seen naughty kids that are really naughty, naughty till YOU CANT IMAGINE. I dont know how to describe how naughty is he.. But, i can show you proves to his naughty-ness.

Let me introduce you, IVAN LIM. He's my dearly cousin brother whom i really sayang alot.

Everyone knows i love this kids. I treat him like my own brother. I dont know why. He is the cheeky kid on the left anyway. How naughty can this cute little thing be?!!?

01. He can jump here and there. Knocked his head on the cement wall, "BOOP". Its seriously hard i can tell from the sound. I was there. And it was like nothing to him; continue jumping like a hungry monkey.

02. Burnt his hand by playing with boiling water. You see for yourself!!! Haih. He can even smile with that burnt hand. His hand was in BLACK condition for almost 2 months. Ooh no. His skins cells are all dead.

03. Got his head cut in the 7-11 after visiting the doctor regarding his burnt hand. He ran here and there and got his head; at the back cut. Very deep by the shelf's sharp corner. There goes a permenant scar on his head. Hair cant grow there anymore.

And now what???? He fell down while he was playing with his younger sister. And knocked on a shelf. And what what what???? His teeth was gone. I meant, both his front teeth. Like this;

NO!! The thing is, the teeth dint broke nor dropped off. Both the teeth WENT IN HIS GUMS.

His face was covered by blood and he cried like nobody's business.

The teeth kesan on the shelf. OMG right?


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