Wednesday, January 25, 2006

After work...

I'm free from work.! Yes!!!! And my pay is here!!! Muahahahaha. But i cant use all of them. Y_Y Okie, i'm a very good cousin you know. I'm paying for my little cousin's school fees in kindergarten. Because he bloody parents, yes, bloody parents are not going to do so. ;)

Forget about it. I am supposed to work for another 2 days but we had a news from the boss. All cookies are sold out!!! Semua stall pun stop.!! Erm, this proved their businness are damn good! ;) Hehhahahaha. I want to go shopping!!!!


One thing i wanna blog about tonight, HMMNP. Its something i'm very mad about. I kept complaining to Elaine. About some not-so-courteous youngster nowadays. I have been taking MRT for 2 weeks everyday to work and i observed everything.

I always offer seats to old folks but usually i dont get seats. ;p Not that i pity them but i think its somehow some manners to do so loooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Unlike some assholes who snatches seats with the old ones when you can actaully see them trying to walk very hard and fast to get the seat. You know lar, old people walks very slowly unlike some bastard. So, obviously they will lose the seat. What the hell? Are they blind? Cant they see they are some people who needs the seat more than them!??

I even seen pregnant ladies are forced to stand for a long period because there are no good people in the MRT cabin man... Haih. How i wish this happen to them too when they are old. I will remember their faces and remember NOT to offer them seat. Muahahaha.

I always do offer them although i'm tired. Or even book seats for them. Hahaha. Once, Elaine and I offer an old uncle a seat. We tapped on his shoulder asking him to sit. He was frighten by us though. Hahaha. I think he thought we wanted to bully him or what so ever. ;p

And i know i'm stupid or i might be cheated by some old folks. You know there are these few old people who stand infront a shopping complex and sells tissue paper for a higher price. Uh huh uh huh, I WILL BUY WAN LOR. I dont know why. I will tell myself not to buy from Watson dont let them earn. ;p ;p

Hahaha.. So, people who is reading this, please do offer seats to the need ones.Please. Or not i will curse you. ;)


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