Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Worst Customer

Which kind of human that make him/her the worst customer of all.

A. people that eats up almost all your samples and dont buy your product.

B. people who messed up with the product and dont buy anything.

C. people who comments alot and dont buy your product.

D. people who is rude and comments about YOU.

The answer is; NONE OF ABOVE but a person who will say stupid things like;

Customer : Ooh, nice packaging you have.

Salesgirl : Oh ya. This is the
ideal gift set for CNY.

Customer : *interested* Is this locally made?

Salesgirl : Ooh no no. Its from Malaysia. Our products are
imported from Malaysia.

Customer : *ANGRY* Malaysia's food has BAD
QUALITY. I hate them. *walks away*

Salesgirl : "Shit you. Dont drink
water lar... Even the water you are drinking is from Malaysia

He never know the pretty salegirl, *ekhem* I mean me, and my colleague are both from Malaysia. Both of us were so angry and we started to curse that idiot. Its totally his fault. I'm serious. How can he say such mean words. We are neighbour countries. What the heck is he thinking.?


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